The Dresdner Vocal Quartett

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The "Dresdner Vocal Quartett" was founded in December 1992 by four former members of the "Dresdner Kreuzchor". After leaving school in summer 1992 at the age of 18 they moved to Hamburg to carry out community work as an alternative to military service. There they formed the male classical quartet.
Benefiting from a well-founded musical education, a long standing friendship and frequent rehearsals the quartet rapidly developed into a musically mature and fine-sounding ensemble. Its repertoire ranges from the early sacred music to contemporary works, not forgetting the secular music like folk-songs and convivial music for male voices. Meanwhile the Dresdner Vocal Quartett under its conductor Martin Lehmann has reached a high artistic quality and delights its listeners at home and abroad. The four young men usually give their concerts in churches filling their sacred rooms with secular as well as religious sounds and met with the approval of both parsons and parishioners. However they will take part in any kind of social event and have held concerts in old people's homes and other social institutions.
In the course of a year the quartet normally gives about 25 concerts which are spread over several weekends, a one-week concert trip in spring and a two-week trip in autumn. Frequent rehearsals are essential to maintain the high standard they have and to set work on new pieces. These rehearsals are held in Dresden, the city of art and culture, which is home to the four singers.
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