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Arrival in New York

First of all we went by train to Amsterdam (Netherlands) where we got on our plane after a night trip. Martinair took us to New York City where we arrived in the evening of August, 18th at Newark International Airport.
The next day we didn't have much time to see the city because we had to find a reasonably priced car rental. We travelled the whole town, phoned every agency but didn't find a car that was cheap and big enough and witout limited milage. Anyway, even the taxes are high in New York City so we decided to go by bus to Baltimore because we had to sing our first concert there on Friday, 20th.

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our plane the World Trade Center the quartet in front of the WTC New Jersey - opposite of Manhattan
view from New Jersey to Manhattan view from New Jersey to Manhattan (WTC) Manhattan at night Manhattan (WTC) at night

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